The Girls of Tahiti

L'amour and the Tahitian Girl

Since the days of Wallis and Bougainville, Tahitian women have had a reputation for a willingness to share their amorous favors with foreigners.

This seem to come from the fact that after some early encounter with muskets and cannons, the Polynesian got smart and quickly figured that to appease the foreigners, nothing worked better than providing accommodating women, which to them was not a big deal.

The European explorers did have a good time as Tahitian women actually relished lovemaking, and they came back with tales of exotic and willing women.

Well, for better or worse, this is largely a thing of the past. Westerner's obsession with the sexuality of Polynesians usually reflects bygone myths or misplaced fantasies.

As a short-term visitor, your liaisons with Tahitians are likely to remain just friendly.
There are many gorgeous Tahitian girls, but they are proud , smart and sophisticated and are not too impressed by men who see themselves as God's gift to women.

As for the self-righteous who hold the view that Tahitian morality is loose, this is rather ironic considering that Polynesians have always shared whatever they have, cared for their old and young, and refrained from ostracizing unwed mothers or attaching stigma to their offspring.

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