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Ron Hall's Island Fashion Black Pearls


Located at the beginning of Cook's bay, about 300 hundred yards before the Cook's Bay Resort Hotel, Island Fashion is a must for anyone interested in Black Pearls.

Run by Ron Hall, an American who sailed here in 1974 with Peter Fonda but never returned home, this pleasant air conditionned shop provides an education on how black pearls come to be, as well as an excellent selection of quality pearls.

You will find black pearls to suit all budgets and tastes, either mounted in rings or pendants, or in breathtaking necklaces. Ron's prices are an excellent value, and polite bargaining is not out of line.

Ron stands fully behind the quality and value of his pearls and has many satisfied customers the world over ( I am one of them, I own 3 of his pearls !).

Besides the pearls, the boutique also has a nice selection of small articrafts and quality beachwear for men and women.

Open daily from 9 to 6

Contact Ron Hall - Fax: (0 11 689) 563-568 - Phone: (0 11 689) 561-106

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