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For our 35th anniversary we visited Fakarava (Pension Havaiki for 4 nights), Rangiroa (Kia Ora Village for 1 night, Kia Ora Sauvage for 3 nights) and Moorea (Moorea Village for 4 nights) in May and June, 2004. See my trip report on this website for more details. This was our 3rd. trip to French Polynesia and we wanted to get out to more remote areas away from the tourist resorts. We got our wish - it was the best trip yet. Enjoyed the pension experience very much - met travelers from all over the world. The scenery on Fakarava and at Sauvage were picture perfect - as if we had dropped into a tropical beaches calendar like the one hanging on my wall. The snorkeling and swimming were wonderful and most of the time we felt like we were the only ones on earth. If you really want to experience unspoiled paradise, you need to get out to the atolls. (To view photos in order of our trip, start at the last one and go backwards. Not sure why the photos load this way, but I've noticed this on other's photo albums too.) Marsha October 21, 2004

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